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About us…

No standard definition of “healthy” food actually exists, but that didn’t stop us from trying to define the term through our menu and the meaning it has for us, with one goal in mind: to provide quality food readily available as fast food. 

FitBar bases its concept on the premise “healthy food that tastes good”, offering a series of well-balanced dishes on its menu. Whether you are dieting, in strict training regime or just generally trying to look after yourself, FitBar will meet your needs for real food. 

Real food in our vocabulary is both well-sourced and of proper nutritional value.

At two locations, you can enjoy our casual atmosphere, taste delicious healthy meals, sip wide variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and protein shakes and munch our fit desserts and snacks.

Everything we prepare can be made for take-away or it can be delivered straight to your door.



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From birthday parties, anniversaries and brunches to company functions and lunch meetings, whatever the occasion – our catering offer is at your disposal. We also offer daily menu options for your company employees. All you need to do is give us a call and we will do our best to make everything perfectly delicious!




 Recommendations on healthy dieting seem to be everywhere nowadays, and yet as we are always short on time, following the advice often seems like “mission impossible”. This is precisely why FitBar team of experts and several nutrition specialists put their heads together to devise a Personalised Dietary Program which incorporates not only guidance on proper dieting, but also preparation and delivery of fresh and tasty meals in set time.

This way, healthy diet and weight loss become sustainable and easily achievable. 

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Nušićeva 4 


We are open:

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Vladimira Popovića 44 


We are open:

08-20h Mon-Fri

10-18h Sat

Closed on Sundays

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